About Us

Radko is a Design House that takes your concepts, whether great or small, and creates a 3D digital model. We assist our clients right from inception of the idea to visualising and manufacturing of the first prototype.

Radko utilizes 3D CAD technology software called Solid Works.  This cutting edge system revolutionizes your concept into a tangible 3D model, allowing the creative thinker a glimpse into the future of their product.  The design of the product is created in a virtual space so you can easily visualize your concept before embarking on the manufacturing process.  This procedure also allows for the fine-tuning of your product.

While still in digital format we can manipulate the design to check fitment, form and the function of the product.

Our role is to combine art, science and technology to create a physical 3-dimensional component.  Product evolution assisted by digital tools has saved our clients time, management, resources and capital in realizing their ideas.